Liya’s Hall

Our restaurant is built in the shape of a typical Lalibela tukul hut: round, with a grass roof, the ceiling painted with the faces of angels.

The restaurant is located further down from the lodge, at the edge of the hill. It offers our guests a stunning view of the valley, the river, the surrounding mountains and the small villages nearby.  Liya’s Hall is the perfect spot for watching different birds  as well as the sunset.  Our menu includes Ethiopian and Western cuisine. Come and taste our rich Ethiopian fasting platters, try  German dishes like meat balls or traditional egg noodles… Dishes are accompanied by traditionally baked bread, vegetables are grown in our own garden.  

Our guests are welcome to learn how to bake “injera” (the traditional pan cake that accompanies every Ethiopian meal) and how to prepare Ethiopian “shiro” (a spicy vegetarian sauce): We offer cooking classes for everybody who is interested.  

On request, we prepare rich Western or Ethiopian buffets.



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